Pathological: A Mac-native Python IDE
Pathological Screenshot

Pathological is a crazy new tool for searching your OS X Finder with extreme precision, using a simple and powerful query language called XPath.

XPath was originally designed as a query language for XML data. Surprisingly, the Finder shares much in common with XML data, and XPath turns out to be a natural way to search for files and folders on your Mac with unprecedented precision. Pathology is the fine-toothed-comb of search tools.

Pathological includes:

  • A full-featured XPath query editor with syntax highlighting, and code auto-completion.
  • Several syntax highlighting themes to choose from (in Preferences).
  • Check 'Debug' to slowly proceed through the XPath expression step-by-step, and watch the filtered files and folders appear each step of the way.
  • An interactive console with click-able error messages that lead you right to the syntax or runtime errors in your XPath query.
  • Each Pathological window is a .pathological document that can be edited, saved and re-opened later.
  • A query results table contains details on the selected files and folders. Double-clicking on a result item reveals it in the Finder.

Pathological's XPath-based query language includes many extension functions designed specifically for searching the OS X Finder, for example:

  • modified() – get the modification date of a file or folder.
  • created() – get the creation date of a file or folder.
  • kilobytes() – get the number of KB in a file or folder.
  • megabytes() – get the number of MB in a file or folder.
  • permissions() – get the POSIX permissions of a file or folder (e.g. 0644).
  • owner() – get the username of the owner of a file or folder.
  • matches() and replace() – filter using regular expressions.

And many more!

Pathological's XPath engine is powered by Panthro, an open-source implementation of XPath 3.0 in Objective-C that includes the ability to debug the evaluation of an XPath expression step-by-step.

Pathological is written entirely in Cocoa/Objective-C so it feels right at home on your Mac.

Code completion with Fuzzy Matching
Debug expressions step-by-step
Function argument Tab Triggers
Query results table
Interactive Console with Error messages

Pathological is developed and maintained by Todd Ditchendorf of Celestial Teapot, creator of Fluid, Fake, Shapes, and HTTP Client.

Copyright © Todd Ditchendorf. All rights reserved.