Design drill for High School Marching Band, College Marching Band, or Drum & Bugle Corps.

Drill is the first Marching Band drill design application built specifically for Mac OS X. Drill offers a sophisticated and full-featured Bézier path tool for designing and editing complex drill formations with extreme precision via a simple user interface. The Bézier tool provides precise control over step intervals between cast members as well as step insets at the beginning and end of formations.

Drill can also auto-generate Coordinate Sheets for each cast member in your show for quick printing, thus sparing your kids several hours of tedious coordinate tracking.

Drill also includes full support for modern Mac OS X features like Quick Look, Full-Screen Mode, Autosave, and Version Browsing. Export your drill sets in common image formats like PNG, JPEG, or multi-page PDF.

Although it does not yet offer any animation or playback capabilities, Drill is available for purchase at a fraction of the price of leading drill design software packages. With Drill, a powerful marching band drill design tool is now accessible to a much wider audience than ever before. As new versions of Drill are released, further features will be added, and animated playback is something we'd really love to add. Stay tuned :).

Instructional Videos
Drill Formation Path Basics Advanced Drill Formation Paths
Managing Cast Members Drill Sets & Printing
Generating Coordinate Sheets

Drill is developed and maintained by Todd Ditchendorf of Celestial Teapot, creator of Fluid, Shapes, and Fake.

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